Golden Retriever Agility

In addition to their natural beauty, Golden Retrievers are friendly, trustworthy and loyal dogs. This is the main reason why they are many people’s choice for a pet. Golden Retrievers are energetic and quite versatile, which is why Golden Retriever agility is important. Due to its loyalty and high level intelligence the dog has emerged as the most popular breed for agility. It was initially bred for retrieving game, which is well depicted in its name. With time, the qualities have been used in tracking people in disasters, finding bombs and drugs, and as pets in most homes.

If you are considering having a Golden Retriever in your home as a pet, you should get a registered one. However, you can find quite a lot of Golden Retrievers in rescue centers. These dogs are there not because they want and can make great pets with a little bit of Golden Retriever agility training. Before you go to the breeder to buy a Golden Retriever, visit the local rescue center to see if there are any Retrievers available. In addition to saving the dog’s life, you will also save money as you will get the dog free of cost.

When you are looking for a Golden Retriever, pay attention to the sub-breeds as there are quite a number. They might look similar in appearance but will have varying elements in their behaviors. Each will have registration papers with specifications and thus you should ensure you get the correct paperwork.

Golden Retriever agility is a very effective way of making use of the strength in these dogs. Agility uses strength in speed and flexibility. The Golden Retriever was originally a hunter and if you live in an area where you can hunt, then you will have a chance to see the dog in its natural form. If you have your dog in a town surrounding, then you should be able to take them for a run and long walks so that they burn up the energy in them an prevent them from being destructive when trying to release some energy.

To take part in Golden Retriever agility training, your dog will have to be at least 9 months old. This is to make sure that their bodies are fully developed and will be able to handle the training without any problems. Most Retrievers will retire from agility when they get to 8 years but this usually depends on their overall health and fitness level.

Golden Retriever agility has a number of advantages. The main benefit of the agility is to make sure the dog is using their natural abilities and keeping fit in the process. A dog well trained in agility will exude great confidence and will be vigorous in what they do. The agility training assists a great deal in improving the relationship that exists between the Golden Retriever and its handler. The physical pressure put on the dog ensures that it stays in good health and its natural abilities are not going to waste.