Golden Retriever Barking

There are many reasons behind Golden Retriever barking but the most common ones are anxiety, aggression, excessive energy and the obvious presence of intruders. It is a fact that we all expect our dogs to inform us when there is an intruder but barking caused by any other reason tends to be disturbing to most people. Before you go ahead and try to stop your Golden Retriever from barking, you need to analyze the situation and find the cause so as to come up with a long lasting solution. We will look at different causes and how to treat the problem.

Anxiety- This is one of the main reasons behind Golden Retriever barking. Golden Retrievers are a friendly breed which will not like being alone and by barking, they will be trying to get attention from you. This can be effectively dealt with by leaving your dog for short periods and then slowly increasing the length of those periods. Eventually, they will learn that you are not always there and the barking will slowly fade away. The best time to introduce the separation is when they are puppies as handling adult dogs is difficult though not impossible.

Aggression- Aggression is another common reason behind Golden Retriever barking. In most cases the aggression will be as a sign of asserting dominance. If you notice such behavior in your dog, it is vital that you control him/her before the situation gets worse. This will not only deal with the barking menace, it will also protect people and other animals from harm. The simplest way to get rid of the barking caused by aggression is taking your dog to the park so that they can socialize with other dogs. They will get used to other animals and people and will eventually stop being hostile and the barking will go away.

Excessive energy- As you do know, Golden Retrievers are a jovial breed full of energy. This is a positive attribute as they are friendly and you will find their energy quite useful. If you do not keep your dog busy they might tend to turn to barking to release the energy in them. The solution to Golden Retriever barking caused by excess energy is to make sure your dog is in activities that will burn up the energy that might cause barking. When they are exhausted because of the day’s activities, they will want to rest instead of barking all night.

Pack leadership- This is actually a problem that you have to address by being the boss of your dog and letting the know that. Dogs will tend to perceive your family as a pack and if you do not take charge, they will think they are the leader of that pack. They will therefore take the responsibility of protecting your family and will bark uncontrollably even to the slightest threat. The only way to take care of this kind of Golden Retriever barking is making sure they are aware that you are the leader of the park and it is not necessary for them to be overprotective.