Golden Retriever Behavior

Golden Retrievers as a breed have a spot at the top 5 smartest canine breeds in the whole world. A properly trained Golden Retriever can learn 200 verbal commands plus various clicker or whistle commands. We are not just talking about simple commands such as the obvious “stay, sit, roll over” and the likes. Golden Retrievers can learn complex commands and things such as sniffing out drugs, bombs, tracking people in disasters and becoming seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Though these dogs are intelligent, you must be attentive to Golden Retriever behavior to make sure your dog is developing as a well-mannered canine.

You must keep in mind that Golden Retrievers are very active dogs and if not properly trained when still young, they can grow up to be stubborn, unmanageable and hyperactive adults. The dogs are energetic and can be a headache especially when you cannot get them off the couch or take shoes from them as they might become hostile and aggressive. Golden Retriever behavior will entirely depend on how well you train your dog and the love you show him/her.

If you find it difficult to train your puppy when he/she is 10 pounds then you must be prepared for a rough road when they are all grown up and 50+ pounds of adrenaline and energy.  Managing Golden Retriever behavior requires that you approach the training at an early age when the dog is easy to train and eager to learn. You should continuously show them the behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not. If you do this when the dog is still young, the commands and lessons will stick in their brains through out their lives. Discourage the dogs from behaviors such as pooping and peeing all over the house, chewing objects indiscriminately or leaping on people.

The breed exhibits sensitivity and will not only listen to your words but will also pay attention to your tone. If the dog does something undesirable continuously use words such as “no, stop and bad dog”, they will associate these with a negative tone and will stop whatever they are doing when you use these words. Never at any given time hit the dog as this will not only cause unnecessary pain but it will also affect the Golden Retriever behavior negatively.

You can manage Golden Retriever behavior by using positive reinforcement. By lavishing your dog and giving treats to reward good behavior you will train your dog to know when they are doing something good and with time this will become a routine. For example, if your dog is recently learning to take bathroom breaks outside, reward every trip outside with its favorite toy or food treats.

Bottom line, the management of Golden Retriever behavior will go back to consistence and patience. Make sure you mould the dog’s behavior by teaching desirable characters without giving up. A dog will not learn as fast as humans and thus needs some time and consistence to grasp a command. Make sure you do not mix the commands up as this will only confuse the dog further.