Golden Retriever Biting

Of the many Golden Retriever qualities, biting is probably the worst to deal with. This can cause a number of problems but with the right information, stopping Golden Retriever biting is possible. Just because your puppy is not causing massive damage by biting, you should not ignore the excessive biting. They might have small harmless teeth but with time they will develop into long strong teeth on energetic jaws. This is a recipe for disaster as they can chew your stuff or bite someone.

The secret to curbing Golden Retriever biting is training them when they are still young.  While young dogs are more playful, they tend to grasp anything they are taught faster than older dogs, which is why you should deal with the biting while the dog is still young.

It is true that dogs will bite as a sign of playing but you should know when the biting becomes excessive. All dogs tend to have territorial behaviors and show dominance through biting and biting. If your dog feels as though they are in control then they might pose a great danger in the house and might start ignoring your instructions. To successfully deal with Golden Retriever biting, you should bond with your dog in infancy. This way, you will be able to detect any excessive biting behaviors and extreme territorial tendencies. Have a gentle yet stern method to show your dog that they are doing something wrong and avoid shouting their name or hitting them as this might damage the relationship that exists between a dog and its owner.

The best way to stop Golden Retriever biting involves adaptation treatment which is same as what the dog would get in a natural family under its mother’s care. If you are in a position to use the services of a professional dog handler it is wise to do so. This however does not mean you cannot do it on your own. With the right information and tips, the task will not be all that difficult.

With most dogs, some biting and nipping is not bad, in fact it is fulfilling to the dog and great fun for you. You only need to know when things are getting out of hand. To keep the dog under good behaviors keep away from rough war games. These will only encourage dominance which will be a root cause of future behaviors revolving around aggression and hostility. Play simple fetch games, walking, and running or teach your dog new tricks. This will keep your dog soft and will let them know that you are the alpha in the area thus suppressing their dominance.

It is important to know that Golden Retriever biting, like any other problem, can be treated successfully if it is treated as soon as it comes up. A biting dog is a danger to the members of the family, guests and other pets. Train your dog early enough and you will be satisfied with the results you will see in your well-mannered dog.