Golden Retriever Chewing

To have a well behaved Golden Retriever, it important that you train the dog properly addressing all issues that might be a problem later on. One of the main issues that should be fully addressed before becoming a threat to your household goods is Golden Retriever chewing. As their name suggests, Golden Retrievers are great at using their mouths to retrieve, but can use their energy to chew on your expensive pair of shoes. The problem is that you will do nothing about it as the damage will already be done and the dog is in no position to buy you another pair. What you need to do is prevent the behavior from becoming extreme.

Golden Retriever chewing is a common trait in this breed and thus stopping the habit altogether might be impossible. All you need to do is redirect their attention. Puppies are particularly notorious for chewing valuables around the house. You should keep all valuables in places the dog cannot reach. Being a dog owner requires that you keep your house as dog-friendly as possible, this means that you should provide chew toys to replace the absence of shoes and other valuables. You can go a step further into training them that chewing shoes is unacceptable.

Dog owners are known to try curbing the Golden Retriever chewing menace with pepper or other sprays manufactured to keep pets from the bad chewing habit. These measures will have varying results which are mostly short term rather than permanent. If you are interested in dealing with this issue more deeply, it is only wise to visit your vet and ask for assistance or consult the local pet store for more information. A professional dog handler will have quite a lot of information on chewing habits and you can find a tip you can keep and use it to keep your valuables out of your Golden Retriever’s mouth.

If you find your dog chewing on an item that they shouldn’t, use a stern voice to make them release the item then direct their attention to the chewing toys they are supposed to play with. This will tell them that they were chewing on the wrong thing and will probably stay away from it. After engaging the dog with the chewing toy, praise them for that action. This will give them a notion that if they stick to the chewing toy, they actually get a reward or positive comments. Do not hit your dog because they chewed on your valuable because they might not really understand why you hit them and the relationship between you and your pet will be in jeopardy.

In efforts to reduce unwanted Golden Retriever chewing ensure that your pet is getting enough exercise and attention. These dogs have a lot of adrenaline in them and will need daily exercises to burn up the energy such that they will have none left for chewing. The chewing problem can be increased by boredom, anxiety and lack of ample exercise.