Golden Retriever Health Problems

If you have a Golden Retriever or are intending to have one as a pet, it is important to know that they are among the most intelligent dogs in the world but they are not short of Golden Retriever health problems. Understanding some of these health issues will go a long way into ensuring your dog is always in good health.  For you and your dog to enjoy great company together, it is important that both of you are in good health conditions to handle activities such as walking, fetching, or just running along a sandy beach.

You should keep a close eye on your Golden Retriever’s health so that you can arrest any developing problem before it moves to a complicated stage. Obviously your dog will not speak up and talk about what they are feeling, but as the owner you know your dog better and will definitely notice when they are not acting normal. Some of the signs that should tell you that all is not well include half eaten food, slow movements and sleeping most of the day. The secret to dealing with Golden Retriever health problems is to understand them and observing your dog.

Every breed has predisposed health issues and Golden Retrievers are not out of the list. Let us look at the common Golden Retriever health problems to help you catch the problems at their early stages.

Cancer: For most mammals, this is a common problem. The most common types of cancers faced by Golden Retrievers are cancer of lymphatic systems and blood cancers. While some researchers place these as being genetic, some argue that the cancers have the environment to blame. There is no simple explanation but regular exercise and a healthy diet will ensure the dog’s immune system is at its best and thus they will be off the danger of getting cancer.

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia: This is a common Golden Retriever health problem that affects large dogs. It is a condition that is caused by improperly formed elbows and hips that result in pain caused by grinding bones. A dysplastic dog will have a hard time walking and since there will be limited activities, the dog is at a risk of becoming obese.

Vision defects: Golden Retrieves are susceptible to vision illnesses such as cataracts. This is the clouding of the eye lens. They can be detected as white spots on the dog’s pupil and although most cataracts will not affect your pet’s vision, it is important to take a trip to the vet if you think your dog’s vision is affected.

Epilepsy: Albeit not common, epilepsy can be part of the Golden Retriever health Problems you need to be aware of. Owners of epileptic dogs go through traumatizing moments watching their dogs going through epileptic events. It is important to know that the dog is going under any discomfort and they are not aware of the events.

You should be attentive to your Golden Retriever’s health condition and provide regular health checkups to arrest diseases before they become worse.