Golden Retriever House Training

If you want to live in harmony with your Golden Retriever, you will have to apply vital Golden Retriever house training methods. The training of a dog not only ensures they are well-mannered, it also ensures that your home will be safe from being destroyed by an uncontrollable canine. If you leave your dog untrained, they will have a notion that they are in control and will tend to develop some territorial behaviors that will make them aggressive when guests or other pets approach them. There are methods you can use to restrict your dog to certain parts of the house while keeping them from others.

The easiest way to approach Golden Retriever house training is introducing a crate and training your dog to use it. You should however, be cautious when introducing the crate because introducing it negatively will only lead to the development of an aggressive or undesired behavior. The importance of the crate is providing the dog with his/her own “house” where they can feel safe and comfortable. Let us look at how to best introduce the crate when dealing with Golden Retriever house training.

Dogs have a history of being in small rather dark areas. This is an evolutionary character that has been developing over time. Any dog will feel at home in such a surrounding. You should therefore, make it a point to make your dog feel at home in the crate and free to go there when frightened or bored. In efforts to do that, avoid forcing your Golden Retriever to going to the crate as they will associate it with negative feelings. The best way to approach this is letting your pet discover the crate all by themselves as they will feel safer.

An important tip to house training your Golden Retriever is separating the pack. To your dog, you are all a big family which needs a leader. You should take the role of the pack leader and let that fact be well understood by your dog. In normal circumstances, the pack leader will not sleep with the pack which is another important reason why the crate is necessary. Allowing your dog to sleep with you will confuse them on issues involving their role in the pack, which will only cause more problems down the road. By introducing the crate your efforts in Golden Retriever house training will be rewarded as they will know their rightful place.

Now that they know where they can sleep and relax, you should also let them learn that food will only be eaten from their bowls and not from the plates on the table. You can have a colored bowl with the dogs name on it that is if you have more than one dog. This will prevent any aggressive behavior during meal time. You should also train them to go outside to relieve themselves instead of soiling the house. Keep them away from excessive chewing and leaping on people. Golden Retriever house training can only be effective if started at an early age.