Golden Retriever Obedience

There are only very few things cuter than your Golden Retriever puppy. When you bring it from the breeder, it is just a gorgeous ball of fur but with time, it will be a 50+ pound dog that you wouldn’t love if uncontrollable. You should be ready to whip that puppy into good behavior, of course not literally. This dog is an eager to please mammal that will respond very well to positive reinforcement and praises, which are the foundation and fuel to a successful golden Retriever obedience training. The best approach is to start with the training the moment you bring the Golden home, by reinforcing house rules immediately.

If you do not want your adult Golden jumping all over the house, then don’t let your puppy do that even once. This will work positively towards letting your dog know what they are allowed to do and what they are not. When you set boundaries when the dog is still young, they will learn to respect them throughout their stay with you. There are many Golden Retriever obedience tips that will make sure you are living harmoniously with your dog under the same roof.

Housebreaking is the first Golden Retriever obedience training step most owners will take. They are right and it should be the very first thing you do when you bring home the puppy. Take him to a toilet spot and let them relive themselves there, praise them and reward them after they go on the toilet spot. This is where you will be taking them when they want to go. In the house, incorporate a crate and let them stay there when you are not watching them. Let them find the crate by themselves as forcing them will keep them away from the crate due to the associated negativity.

When not in the crate, you should keep an eye on your puppy as they might be looking for the toilet spot. If they are whining and sniffing around, there is no other explanation, take them to the toilet spot and let them sniff around and relieve themselves. Take the puppy out after every meal and after a nap, they will probably wan to go and when this is done consistently, it will work well towards reinforcing the Golden Retriever obedience training.

Housebreaking is just the first in the many Golden Retriever obedience training steps to follow. After your puppy has mastered the potty training, it will be a perfect time for both of you to enroll in a formal training course to further the obedience training to more complex commands. These classes are available in most pet stores, veterinary offices and community centers. The classes will ensure your dog is learning obedience from professional dog handlers and the lessons will be recorded in their brains permanently.

Look for a class that encourages positive reinforcement rather than intimidation and punishment. Make sure the instructor offering the training is experienced in handling Golden Retrievers and make sure you practice what you learned in class at home for consistency purposes.