Golden Retriever Potty Training

As much as you might want to avoid this part of training, Golden Retriever potty training is something you will not be able to skip, that is if you do not want to step on your dogs mess when you walk in. The training can be effective when the dog is still a puppy. Puppies are easy to train as they grasp new things faster than older dogs. You might perceive potty training your Golden Retriever as a major task but it clearly is nothing compared to cleaning after your dog every now and then.

Puppies will smell quite a lot of scents as the world is still a new environment to them. They therefore will require all the help they can get to know where they should go when they want to relieve themselves. Golden Retriever potty training should begin immediately, and by immediately it means soon as you bring the puppy home. Before taking them into the house let them stay at a toilet spot outside until they go. This might take a while but it is worth the wait. They will soon learn that this is their toilet spot and will go there when they feel pressed.

After every meal the puppy will feel full and a need to go to the toilet spot will arise. Make sure you take them outside after every meal and soon this will be a normal thing for them. You will be surprised when your dog will be whining close to the door because they want to out to pee. If you are forced to use papers in the house, ensure that you are using many papers to create a good thickness. This way, you will remove the top paper with the dog’s business and a smell will be left to remind them that that is their toilet spot.

Apart from after meal times and at night on the paper, Golden Retriever potty training includes you taking the puppy out before they sleep in the evening, in the morning and after long sleeping sessions. After a walk, whether short or long, make sure you take them to the toilet spot before you go into the house. With this, they will learn that it is important to relieve themselves before going into the house and will make it a routine over time. Repetition and consistency will let them know that that toilet spot is theirs and that is where they go for all their bowel movements.

Always remember that for your dog to comply with these important Golden Retriever potty training methods, they will need access to the backyard so that they can go to their toilet spot anytime they feel like relieving themselves. Your dog will not understand why you take time to train them to use the toilet spot yet the door is always locked.

An important point when dealing with Golden Retriever potty training is to desist from being angry when they go inside the house. Show them the mess and take them outside, they will do nothing but it will remind them that that is where they should go. Potty training your Golden Retriever will create a peaceful environment for the dog and the entire family.