Golden Retriever Problems

Golden Retrievers are great dogs that make fantastic pets. To fully enjoy the company of these dogs, there are Golden Retriever problems that you should understand. To avoid complications and disappointments, you should have adequate information on the behaviors of these dogs and the solutions to any problems that may crop up along the line of growth and development.

The most common of the know Golden Retriever problems is the development of separation anxiety. These dogs tend to be close to owners and when they are separated from them by any circumstance, they become lonely. Albeit this is the case, the Golden Retrievers will not be hostile as other dogs tend to be, they will just be somber and forlorn. It is easy to diagnose separation anxiety as the dog will be acting abnormally and will appear to be generally bored.

Separation anxiety might be one of the common Golden Retriever problems but t easy to treat. The first thing to do is concentrate on solving the behavioral problems. If you are the kind of people who like lavishing their pets before they leave, you might as well want to know that this is a major mistake.  You might be thinking that you are helping but you are actually making the situation worse. You will be drawing more attention to the fact that you are about to leave and this will affect the dog even more.

Instead of lavishing your dog, make a point of providing a distraction of some kind to get the dog’s attention from your leaving. If you will be absent for a long period of time and you feel as though you will miss your pet, do not connect your dog at the last minute, instead do it earlier in the day. The dog might be sleeping when you are leaving thus saving both of you that sad goodbye moment.

Apart from another one of the Golden Retriever problems is aggression. Dogs react to different situations and stimulants differently. Some of these situations can make your dog aggressive to a point of scaring or hurting people or other pets. To be on the safe side you should consult a vet so that you understand the situations and things that might lead to aggression.

Obedience is among the Golden Retriever problems that you have to deal with. If by any chance your dog was not properly trained when still a puppy, you will notice that your dog will be slow on responding to commands or will not respond at all. This can be curbed when the dog is still young by making sure he/she receives proper training.

Golden Retrievers are prone to various types of allergies. Most are allergic to fleas and some types of food. You should ensure that your dog is clean and its surroundings are clean. When it comes to foods, you will have to watch your dogs feeding habits and reactions to certain food and involve a vet where necessary. These are just some of the problems that you might have to deal with which means you should watch out for other problems such as infections, obesity, diabetes, etc.