Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden Retrievers are on the fourth spot on the list of the popular dog breeds in the world. They are energetic, smart and gorgeous, reasons why people love them as family pets. Most owners of these dogs find it quite difficult to take the early steps that will ensure their dogs grow as obedient and well-mannered dog.  With the right information, Golden Retriever puppy training is not all that difficult.

While the training can be challenging, you will find it to be fun and fulfilling. Without proper training, your puppy will depict signs of disobedience and might start having undesirable behaviors such as chewing on your stuff and wetting your floor. Giving up on the training will result in a destructor-dog that will be so difficult to control. Golden Retriever puppy training is as challenging as you make it and if you make it a goal rather than a chore, you will have fun and enjoy the results as days go by.  The good thing about training Golden retriever puppies is that fact that they are a smart breed and thus are easily trainable as compared to other breeds.

The first thing you need to do is decide on things you will allow your dog to do and those that are out of bounds. Without this, you will probably confuse your puppy as you will be shouting every now and then when they are on the wrong. Golden retriever puppy training should start with a tour of the house as this will strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Make sure you show them the play areas and physically block the areas that you do not want the dog in. This will draw the line and the dog will actually respect the boundaries as they grow up.

The Golden Retriever puppy training should include all the members of the house so that the puppy can familiarize with the people living in the house. This will also contribute to the fact that the dog will be obeying all the family members. When it comes to toys, the dog should know that anyone in the family can take away their toys. This also applies to food; put your hand in the bowl when your pup is eating to prevent hostility in future.

You should take the location and time of giving food to the puppy as a random thing. A bell to indicate meal time will work more positively. You should train your Golden Retriever puppy before meals. Food rewards will work well towards ensuring your dog is grasping everything you are teaching them.

Golden Retriever puppy training requires consistency as this is the only way the dog will get to record all the commands and tricks in the brain. Albeit Golden Retrievers are smart canines, they need a lot of patience and consistency.  Be the boss of the puppy as they will always look up to you as their master and companion. They will depend on you for food, exercise and any other activities.