Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety

The greatest joy of owning a dog is the experience and the bond that exists between the dog and its owner. However, if your pet gets used to you and depends on you too much, they might be a case of separation anxiety. Golden Retriever separation anxiety is common especially because this is a breed known as being friendly and eager to please. Separation anxiety is a problem termed as being difficult and time consuming to fix especially in adult Golden Retrievers.

If you put yourself in your golden Retriever’s shoes, then you will somewhat understand separation anxiety. You are your dog’s most important thing and they enjoy your company. Given a choice, your pet will want to be around you all day long, and sleep next to you. This is why your Golden will experience different levels of anxiety and distress the moment you walk out. They become confused not knowing whether you will come back, why you are leaving and why they can’t go with you. Dogs are pack animals and all they will want is to stay in their pack. This means that you cannot by any means, use punishment to treat dog separation anxiety.

Some of the signs that will identify Golden Retriever separation anxiety include but not limited to: your dog getting anxious and worked up when you are about to leave, some of the things that can trigger the behavior include picking up your coat or car keys. If your dog misbehaves when you are absent, it is a sign of separation anxiety. Some dogs will follow you wherever you go and will become distressed when being near you becomes impossible. Your dog is probably suffering from separation anxiety if they are over excited when you come back home and it takes a long time before they are calm.

Treating Golden Retriever separation anxiety requires attention and consistency. You need to follow some steps to ensure that you make your dog comfortable as you deal with the problem. The first step is to show your dog that they do not need to be near you all the time. You need to ignore their attention seeking behaviors which include barking and jumping, among others. Spend some time away from your dog and slowly increase the periods. They will get used to being alone for long periods and this will deal with the separation anxiety over time.

Another point to remember when treating Golden Retriever separation anxiety is to let your dog spend time alone outside. You should start with just a few minutes and slowly increase the time they spend alone outside. Reunite with them and give them a treat. Only initiate contact when they are quiet and calm. As for the triggers, make a list of the things that show them that you are about to leave and do them without your dog noticing. Walk out the front door and come back before your dog makes a sound. Gradually increase the time you spend outside and with time, they will believe that you will always come back soon and will relax and wait for you.