Golden Retriever Tips

Now that you have brought home a Golden Retriever, and he/she has become comfortable with the new environment, it is time to train the dog so that you will have a healthy relationship. You will need the best Golden Retriever tips to handle your dog to ensure that you are both enjoying your stay in the same surroundings. The only way you are going to achieve this is if you follow the simple tips that are mostly about proper training.

Training is more than essential for a growing Golden Retriever as this will let them learn desirable behaviors and drop those that are not allowed. Dogs will judge their actions using the reactions they get after the action. This means that you should react accordingly to make sure you pass the right message to the dog. Good actions should always be treated with rewards while bad ones should be treated firmly yet gently. This is why you will need handy Golden Retriever tips to get a well-behaved adult dog.

We all want different behaviors in our dogs and this is why we should make it a point to train our dogs properly. You own the dog thus you should ensure that they adopt behaviors that you consider acceptable. Decide on the good behaviors in your dog and then concentrate on training your golden Retriever so that he/she behaves well enough for both of you to live in harmony. Always praise or reward good behaviors if the dog responds positively to a command praise him/her and reward after a desirable action.

There will be many times when you will be required to be stern with your dog especially when he/she is being naughty. Prevent the dog from chewing on your shoes or furniture, digging the lawn, leaping on guests or relieving themselves just about anywhere. If you find the dog chewing on items they are not allowed to, you should chide them. This will not only work towards bringing up a well-behaved dog, it will also make sure that your Golden Retriever is growing up as a healthy pet.

An important point when it comes to Golden Retriever tips is to let the dog familiarize with other dogs. This will allow them to socialize and get used to their kind. There is always that part of them that wants to be around other dogs and taking them to the park regularly will feed this crave. It will also keep them from aggression when they encounter other dogs. Taking them for a walk is a healthy routine not only for the dog but also for you. You should always have a leash that is long enough to let them have fun but short enough for you to control them properly.

Of the many Golden Retriever tips, letting your dog know that you are in charge is the most important one. This will create a mutual respect between you and your dog and they will obey your commands, which is a recipe for a great relationship.