Golden Retriever Training Tips

When you look at the intelligence of Golden Retrievers, you will understand clearly why they have gained so much popularity. Even with their high level intelligence, they will still need training to grow up as responsible well-behaved pets. You will need the best Golden Retriever training tips to assist you in your efforts of transforming your dog into an adorable pet. Here are the tips that will get you going:

Resolving barking- Barking is used by dogs as a communication tool that expresses things such as danger, anxiety or in some cases, depression. We all want a dog that will bark when there is danger but we can all agree that when the barking is around the clock, it gets so annoying. The barking can only be stopped by teaching your dog to love the outdoors, spend some time with your dog outdoors and leave him/her there and with time the barking will subside as they begin to love being outside.

Fighting anxiety-This is one of the most important Golden Retriever training tips. Golden Retrievers will get cozy with their owner to a point such that when separated they develop separation anxiety. This will require that you practice ignoring your Golden Retriever when you are leaving and when you come home. This will teach them that they do not need to be lavished and thus will not seek attention and when you leave they will not miss your presence that much.

Keep your home safe- In efforts to show their frustration resulting from separation anxiety your dog might destroy things in the house. This problem can be properly countered with crate training. The dog will treat the crate as their safe house where they can go when they feel lonely or scared thus avoiding the rest of the house. It is however very important that you desist from using the crate as a place you send your Golden for punishment. If they associate the crate with negativity, they will not have a safe place to go to when anxious and will result in damaging things in the house.

Eliminating jumping- This is among the most important Golden Retriever training tips as without proper training, your dog will tend to be too friendly to strangers which might actually scare some of your guests.  The remedy to this problem is taking charge and letting your Golden Retriever know that you are the pack leader. Use assertive behavior in limiting what your pet can and cannot do. Set up some boundaries that will ensure your dog remains in good behavior especially when around strangers. You should always issue commands using a calm tome to prevent frightening your Golden.

Consistency- Of all the Golden Retriever training tips; this is the most important one. All the above tips without consistency are useless. Training your Golden Retriever requires regularity and patience to make sure they learn all the commands. They might be smart but their learning is still very slow when compared to humans.