Golden Retriever Whelping

If you own a female Golden Retriever, at one point you might want her pregnant, that is, if you do not mind having little pups around. In this case, you must be fully prepared for the Golden Retriever whelping and that is why you need a guide that will help you from the moment the dog gets pregnant to the time of whelping. We will look at the pregnancy period of a Golden Retriever, the stages and the risks involve. Pregnancy in all dog breeds lasts for about 63 days with the variation being about 5 days. Golden Retrievers will give birth earlier as compared to other breeds.

In the first stage, most Golden Retrievers will turn affectionate and will want to be petted most of the time and follow you around more. Some dogs will want some alone time and will lose appetite and have symptoms equivalent to the human’s “morning sickness”. Several weeks close to Golden Retriever Whelping, these early signs might go away and the dog might become playful once more. The main symptom at this stage is an increased appetite. She will regain her normal appetite and actually eat more than normal. Contrary to what people believe, you should not introduce a new diet as this might cause some problems.

As you move closer to Golden Retriever Whelping, you should maintain the normal diet of high quality dog food. During pregnancy, the dog will tend to eat a lot but if you look closely, they will be eating less but more often. She is pregnant and this will prevent her stomach from holding enough food. For this reason, let her have unlimited access to her food area and make sure there is something every time she goes there. If normally your dog overeats, this should not worry you as this habit will slowly fade away in pregnancy.

When you are in the last 2 to 3 weeks to Golden Retriever Whelping, it will be a perfect time to limit her physical activities. You should avoid long walks and running. The main thing is to keep her from bumping her belly as this might knock the pups off the uterus leading to the stop of development. As a result, your golden Retriever might pup stillborns. You need to make her sleeping area as comfortable as possible. Have soft materials in her crate to make sure she is not pressing her belly on a hard surface.

It is an interesting fact that the size of your Golden Retriever’s belly will entirely depend on the puppies’ position. It is therefore not strange that you will not notice the pregnancy until about 5 days to Golden Retriever whelping. At this point she might be throwing up after drinking water and milk might be seen coming from her nipples, though this is not visible in first-time mothers.

You will need to speak to a dog specialist or a vet so that you get advised properly on how to deal with Golden Retriever whelping and the things you need to do to make sure you Golden Retriever birth day goes well and the pups are healthy.