Potty Training Golden Retrievers

Having a pet is not short of its own challenges; it includes grooming, feeding and most important of all, training. This is true for all animal types but for an animal considered as man’s best friend, the responsibilities increase. If you decide to have a dog as a pet, you must make sure your house is as dog-friendly as possible and this should be enhanced by providing the necessary training that will ensure you are living in harmony. Golden Retrievers are popular pets as they are known to have a high intelligence level. Potty training Golden Retrievers is the first training step a dog owner should take.

If you do not want to end up hating the pet you so much loved, potty training Golden Retrievers should start immediately you bring the puppy home from the breeder. The first thing you do before you take your puppy in the house, take them to the stop where you want them to be going for toilet business. There are two reasons why this is important. First, you want him/her accustomed to going to this spot to relieve him/herself. The second reason is the fact they the journey from the breeder might have been long enough for them to want to urinate when you get home. Puppies under the age of 6 months will not be in a position to hold their bladder for 6 hours or more.

It is important that you follow a regular routine to make sure potty training Golden Retrievers is successful. If you have a large family, make sure everyone is taking part in the schedule. This will ensure that everyone is responsible for the training and the bond between the family members and the dog is strengthened. Golden Retrievers are friendly dogs and will want to bond with everyone in the house during walks and training sessions.

Everyone should have their own personal time with the puppy and make sure they take them to the same toilet area when they want to go. In addition to making potty training Golden Retrievers an easy job, the dog will not develop aggressive behaviors and they will identify all members of the house as being leaders of the pack. If you are using papers at night as the toilet spot, make sure you use quite a number of pieces. This will allow you to take out the top layer and leave clean papers that have a smell. The puppy will have the smell to remind them that they need to go on the papers.

An important point to keep in mind when potty training Golden Retrievers is that you should not hurt or spank your dog when they urinate in the house. In the first place, they might not understand why you hit them and this will not have solved the problem. They have no total control of the situation and punishment by hurting them will only make the situation worse and might lead to the development of other complications later in their lives.