Training A Golden Retriever Puppy

The task of training a Golden Retriever puppy is as challenging as you decide to make it. Your approach will determine as to what time you will need and the efforts you will require to put in. We will look at a few tips that will ensure that the training process is easy for both you and your dog.

When training a Golden retriever puppy, you need to keep an attentive eye on the puppy at all times. This means that your dog will be under your watchful eye and will not have time to use your carpet as the potty or chew furniture, shoes or wires. This will also give you a chance to monitor the behavior of the puppy so that you can take it for a walk when it wants to.

A very important basic tip that people tend to forget when training their golden retriever puppies is touching them. Make sure you are touching the puppy’s ears checking their teeth, legs and belly. This will go a long way into keeping the dog calm when they visit the vet. Always let the puppy drag along on the leash. This should be a leash not less than 6 foot as it will give room for the puppy to play and a distance that will allow you to control him or her properly.

Training a Golden Retriever puppy perfectly includes socialization. If you want your puppy to grow and develop properly, you must make a point of letting him or her see the world while learning how to behave best in it. It is however crucial to let the puppy socialize with other dogs only after he/she has received the second part of shots.

Some of the basic training commands include sitting, rolling over, jumping, and fetching. Some of these commands can be used as effective measures of calming your dog down when they are unsettled. To have fun with your dog, you can add extra commands such as handshakes or whatever you think is fun for you and your dog. When training a Golden Retriever puppy, you should use simple hand signals and short verbal commands that the puppy will grasp and remember easily. To make sure that your dog will be properly trained, it is important to start training him/her at an early age.

There are more complicated training sessions that require a dog expert but if you just want a well behaved Golden Retriever, training him/her by yourself will not be a difficult task especially because they are smart dogs. It is important to remember that training the dog does not include harsh tones or strict punishments. The dog will grow up following the commands you trained them and you do not want them to associate breaking rules with negative occurrences. Use rewards and kind words when training a Golden retriever puppy and you will be surprised just how easy, fun and rewarding the training sessions can be for you and your growing puppy.