Training Golden Retrievers

For a healthy relationship to exist between you and your Golden Retriever, training is inevitable. By following the tips below, you will be on your way to having a happy, well-adjusted dog with good manners. Training Golden Retrievers is not a hard nut to crack as the dogs are naturally intelligent and will catch on quite fast. The training tips below will ensure that your dog develops with good habits and maintains the happy nature known to exist in this breed.

The first point to consider is the boundaries. You should know what you want your dog to be around the house before you bring him/her in. When you get close to your dog, they will try their best to impress you but you must be ready to set the boundaries. Will you allow them on the couch or on the bed, is bar king in the house discouraged or expected? Whatever boundaries you set, make sure you are sticking by them. It might not be a big deal to you that you allowed a puppy on bed and do not ant a 45 pond dog on it, this will not make any sense to your dog and this is why you need consistency when training Golden Retrievers.

The training should start immediately and kept rolling. If you bring home a puppy, start training them immediately by first acclimating them to their food and water areas, sleeping area and bathroom locations. Though training Golden Retrievers is made easy by their energy and there exuberant nature, you should always remember you are dealing with a canine. The results of the training will not be perfect but with consistence and patience, you will soon have a well-trained dog.

When training Golden Retrievers, you have to keep in mind that you are the boss. The fact that you want a good relationship with your dog does no mean that you are on the same footing. If your dog recognizes that you are the boss, they will have a certain respect for you and anything you train them to do will be treated as a command from a superior power who is a friend.  They will be happy and in peace when they know you are the boss taking care of their world. Be strict when he misbehaves and always reward good behavior.

Training Golden Retrievers requires that you be friendly but at the same time, be firm when there is any type of misbehaving. Always reward them for good behavior but avoid mixed reactions on the same habit as this will only confuse them. Pick a simple word for negative behavior whether “enough”, “stop”, or “no”, make sure no one yells your dog’s name when they misbehave as this will lead them to associating their name with negative reactions.

Finally, even if you are getting great results you should consider taking your dog to a formal training school for some time. This will give them a chance to mix and socialize with their kind and be trained by professional dog handlers to perfect their habits.